Our Leadership

David Bienstock, CEO

David Bienstock is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Target Enterprises. Bienstock is recognized nationally as one of the foremost experts in this field, catering to candidates exclusively, as well as ballot initiatives and issue advertising nationwide. Under Bienstock’s direction, Target has been involved in over 300 candidate and ballot initiative races, and more than 50 corporate or commercial advertising initiatives throughout the United States.

Bienstock has been directly involved in many high-profile political races, including: the gubernatorial efforts of George W. Bush in Texas, Pete Wilson in California, Bob Dole’s presidential bid in 1996, Richard Riordan’s mayoral race in Los Angeles in 1997, and Arnold Schwarzenegger/Total Recall in California in 2003. He additionally has been a part of many high-profile ballot initiatives throughout the United States.

Due to his extensive knowledge of Federal Communications Commission broadcast regulations and the Fairness Doctrine, Bienstock is frequently called upon by major radio, television, and cable properties throughout the United States for guidance in structuring internal rate postures, and assisting broadcasters with various interpretations of FCC guidelines.

Adam Stoll, President

Adam Stoll is the President of Target Enterprises. As Adam oversees a team of media specialists in providing strategic planning and advertising placement products for a variety of corporate, political, and public affairs clients. In addition to his role at Target, Adam serves as the CEO of Bask Digital Media and a Partner at Winner & Mandabach Campaigns.

Since joining Target in 2009, Adam has taken a keen interest in innovating this niche industry – through the use of new media, new data, and ratings research. This effort, combined with established experience, has expanded Target’s client-base and carved a path for its continued success. Before joining Target, Adam had a career working in both politics and the private sector. Adam spent five years at Goldman Sachs & Company as a Vice-President in the Public Sector and Infrastructure Banking group. Prior to joining Goldman, Adam served as campaign manager for New York Governor George Pataki’s successful re-election effort. Adam steered a massive statewide campaign – cited by ABC News as the “best run campaign in the nation” – winning Governor Pataki a historic third term with the second largest margin of victory for a Republican gubernatorial candidate in State history.

Adam’s political experience includes working on a number of local, statewide, and national campaigns. In both 2004 and 2008 Adam served as a Senior Advisor to the Republican National Convention. In 1996, Adam served as Advertising Director for the Dole/Kemp campaign overseeing the entire national advertising program.
Adam currently serves as a member of the Malibu Chapter of the Young President’s Organization (YPO). Adam has a B.A. from The American University in Washington, D.C. and resides with his wife, Lisa, and their three children in Los Angeles.

Julie Iadanza, Media Director

Julie Iadanza serves as the Media Director of Target Enterprises and has been with the firm since 1999.  Since joining Target, Julie has been involved with the planning and placement of well over a billion dollars of advertising for some of the largest political campaigns, ballot initiatives and issue advocacy efforts in the country.  Julie oversees the planning process at Target Enterprises and supervises a team of in-house media buying professionals to provide clients with the most cost-effective media placements possible.  Julie has negotiated and placed advertising in every one of the 210 Designated Market Areas (DMA’s) in the United States.

Greg Ziminski, Analytics Director

Greg’s background combines nearly 20 years of experience in local, cross-platform media placement with an expertise in big data management and analytics.  Greg is responsible for leveraging insights from various target audiences and competitors’ placements to inform the strategic planning of each political campaign. Skilled at leading project teams in collecting, organizing, and evaluating complex data sets and delivering key performance metrics to drive efficiency and return.  Greg directed some of the first examples of political data matching to Nielsen, Rentrak and Comscore samples. He has worked across the industry to develop best practices for the development and use of advanced targeting data.

Sheila Lavin, Chief Financial Officer

Working in political media for over twenty-five years, Sheila has directed the financing and payment for hundreds of high-profile campaigns for candidates, independent expenditures, and ballot initiatives. Sheila has managed and directed well over a billion dollars of media placements. Over her many years in the business, Sheila has worked with the industry to streamline financial processes and implement controls